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Stop killing your plants

PerkyPod - the revolutionary plant pot that simplifies watering with no mess, stress or lifting

Game-changing Australian innovation 🪴 Patent-pending filtration and water catchment system

Uncomplicated plant care

PerkyPod takes the guesswork out of keeping your plants alive. Plants are meant to bring us joy but often it can feel like the burden of caring for them is just too much.

PerkyPod’s revolutionary, patent-pending filtration and water catchment system is the solution. Water your plants thoroughly and wait for the excess water to drain into the removable catchment drawer below. When it's convenient, simply remove the drawer and tip the water out. Recycle onto your next plant or keep for the next watering session.

No more under-watering to avoid leaky messes. Also, you can stop worrying about poor drainage causing droopy plants, root rot, mouldy soil and pests.

Add our optional castor wheel system if you're tired of carrying your plants around. Make housework easier, plus save time and your back.

Go on, it's time to get Perky!

Like people, indoor plants can be complicated.

It takes a lot of love, care and attention to keep them happy.

Are they getting enough water?
Are they getting enough light?
Are they mad at you for what you said earlier?

Put simply, plants can be needy.

That’s why we’ve innovated a new kind of planter pot that uncomplicates plant care and takes the guesswork out of keeping your plants alive.

The PerkyPod solution for all your droopy plant problems

1. Water your plant thoroughly with up to 1-1.5L of water

2. Thermo-air barrier moderates soil temperature for happy roots

3. Internal root barrier and geofilter keep roots and soil in the pot, while ensuring water thoroughly drains

4. Excess water is funnelled into a removable drawer

5. Water catchment drawer holds nearly 900mL - remove and tip out (recycle!) anytime that's convenient or keep it there for the next watering session

6. Optional, discrete castor wheels allow for easy manoeuvring

  • Australian Made

    Keeping it local - designed, made & owned in Oz

  • Simple

    Feel-good, convenient plant care

  • Sustainable

    Recycled content, recyclable at end-of-life & reuse your runoff

  • Stress-free

    Say no to sad plants, mess
    & lifting


Most plants enjoy a really good soaking all over the surface area of the soil until water starts seeping out the bottom. You'll hear the dripping! Otherwise, how will you know that every root has had a drink?

Next, be brave and DON'T water again until the soil goes fairly dry. Start with watering every 7-10 days and adjust from there. Try 14 days in winter. Test dryness by sticking a finger into the soil or use a moisture sensor. There are many variables: type of plant, root structure, weather, indoors or outdoors location, extant soil dampness, etc. However, the more-water-less-often approach is the key to healthy soil and root ecosystems. And less pests!

Plus, you can water your plants without having to move them elsewhere like a sink or lawn, and no waiting for drips to finish before returning them. Reducing your plant-chores will lighten your mental and physical load… what a perk!

PerkyPod has a 40cm diameter, is 42cm tall and weighs roughly 4kg.

We hope to have more options in future but this initial size was chosen to strike the perfect balance between being large enough that most people would not be comfortable lifting it, whilst being compact enough to look good in any room of the home, garden, or on a balcony/patio.

The water drawer has nearly 900mL capacity – so you can give your plants plenty to drink without worrying about overflow!

Start with giving your plants no more than 1 litre of water and see how much drains into the drawer. You’ll soon learn what each of your plants needs to stay perky.

If you have an overflow situation, do not fear. The internal parts of PerkyPod are made of plastic so spills are easy to wipe up.

We hope so, one day soon! As a start-up business, we have begun with this size as our market research indicates that it’s a really popular size for houseplants. Also, it fits a plant that is probably a bit too heavy for you to want to carry around.

As the major cost for anything made of plastic is in the tooling (plastic mould) and we are a family-owned start-up business, we only have one size at this point.

But please send us any suggestions so we know where to take PerkyPod next!

PerkyPod is made of UV-stabilised ASA plastic so it can be used indoors and outdoors for many years without discolouring.

When used indoors, PerkyPod saves the hassle of water running all over your floors. No more rotting floor boards, mouldy carpet and slippery drips. And no more lifting elsewhere so you can water in ample volume.

When used outdoors, PerkyPod prevents dirty messes leaking all over your patio and balcony, or into your pool! And say goodbye to unsightly limescale stains on your floors and pot saucers.

Wait 10-30 minutes for the water to finish draining into the water drawer. If you listen carefully, you may even be able to hear when the drips have stopped! Then you can remove the drawer and tip the water out of the easy-pour spout.

You can recycle that water on other plants (especially handy when you don’t want to waste precious fertiliser) or tip it in your garden. Or, you can leave the water in the drawer for the next plant chore session. It’s up to you!