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The PerkyPod plant pot has been built with environmental responsibility as a core value.


  • contains recycled materials
  • is UV-stabilised to last indoors or outdoors for many years
  • is recyclable at the end of its life
  • promotes responsible water use through reuse and recycling
  • comes in recycled packaging.

PerkyPod white plant pot large plant outdoors garden

PerkyPod's patent-pending drainage and water catchment makes filling your home with real, thriving plants easier than ever before:

  • Grow-your-own herbs, fruit and vegetables, even on apartment balconies and small terraces. Cut your carbon miles, reduce food waste and increase biodiversity... all while complying with body corporate regulations relating to spills and overflow.
  • Reduce waste from plant deaths while avoiding the need for artificial plants.
  • Bring plants into your home and outdoor areas to promote a connection with nature, bringing many proven benefits including air purification, increased productivity and a sense of calm.

Perks for plants

And how does PerkyPod promote healthy plants? Drenching your plants has many benefits:

  • it's only when water drips out the bottom that you can guarantee that every root has had a drink
  • this encourages deep root growth, so plants will survive for longer between watering
  • flushing the soil improves your plant's nutrient absorption by removing excess salts and minerals.

PerkyPod provides thorough drainage, which prevents rotting roots and allows soil to dry out between watering sessions.

This prevents stagnant water issues and rotting roots, which drastically reduces the risk of pesky plant pests.

As if all those perks aren't enough, PerkyPod's optional castor wheel system enables you to move your plants around easily.

As watering, lighting and being time-poor are the most common plant concerns, the PerkyPod solution is the ideal partner in your journey to carefree plant parenthood!

Uncomplicated plant care

Take the guesswork out of keeping your plants alive