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Not your average plant pot

PerkyPod - meet the world's first self-draining planter

PerkyPod large white plant pot drawer being opened on apartment deck balcony
Foolproof watering system - the perfect amount every time

Over or underwatering are the culprit of most droopy plant woes.

Maybe you're watering too little (to avoid messes) or watering too often. Perhaps your drainage is inadequate... or non-existent.

Rotting roots are the #1 reason why plants die. And plant pests appear when soil and roots stay too wet. They also love breeding in stagnant water that drains in the base of a pot. But these issues are preventable!

PerkyPod's revolutionary in-built filtration and drainage system diverts excess water into a removable drawer. You can now water your plants without guesswork, stress and mess!

After watering, simply remove the water catchment drawer and recycle the water onto another plant. This is especially handy if you've used fertiliser - don't waste that precious gold.

Or just keep the water in the drawer for the next watering session.

For more tips, check out our User Guide here.

Meet our founder

Hi, I'm Louise - a busy working mum of three kids (plus a furbaby) from Newcastle, New South Wales.

As an award-winning chartered professional civil engineer and Australian Defence Force veteran, my mission has been to create efficiencies that lighten our mental and physical load.

I own way too many plants and do not have enough time to care for them. I was tired of lugging them onto the grass for watering to avoid dirty leaks on my floors and outdoor pavers... and some of them were HUGE and heavy! These plants were meant to bring joy to my life but I had begun to dread all the chores.

With no time for plant dramas, I came up with my own solution: PerkyPod. Now I have a home and garden full of lush, thriving plants that are easy to care for.

I believe in PerkyPod so much that I've invested over three years into research and design. PerkyPod's innovative and inventive water catchment system is Patent Pending.

Drench and drain

PerkyPod provides thorough drainage, which means your plant can breathe. In turn, oxygen can flow to its roots, which creates a healthy ecosystem. You can even fertilise your plants more easily because there's no worry about wastage and leaky messes.

Plus, you can add PerkyPod's optional, discrete castor wheel system. This makes it easy to manoeuvre your plants, whether to find their optimal lighting position, to clean your floors, or just to suit your mood. Even spin them on the spot!

PerkyPod has been designed with the latest sustainable practices in mind. If it's achievable by Australian industry, you bet we've factored it in. It's made using a percentage of recycled materials, which reduces demand for new materials and diverts waste from landfill.

Also, PerkyPod is entirely recyclable at its end of life and comes in recycled packaging.

A win for the circular economy and no more guilt over the impact your plastic pot addiction is having on the environment.

Better than a self-watering plant pot

Allowing your plants to drink as much as they need from a self-watering reservoir sounds like a fabulous idea. However, research shows that most of us don't think it works and we prefer to water our plants over the top of the soil like a normal pot.

Self-watering pots ensure good drainage and can prevent messy floors... but is that enough?

Problems can include:

- many plants need more than the reservoir provides, especially large, outdoor plants and vegetables

- it can be difficult to refill the reservoir or see when it's empty

- plants may need water even when the reservoir is full, leading to overflow and mess

- water in the reservoir is hard to pour out, leading to foul smells, algae growth, unsightly calcium stains, and plant pests

- they're often made of flimsy, thin plastic

- their depth is often too shallow, reducing the size of plant they can hold

PerkyPod resolves all of these issues. It’s a stylish option for your home and enables draining water to be removed.

Check out my blog on this topic for more info here!

Perks for plants

Drenching your plants has many benefits that lead to healthy, perky plants:

- it's only when water drips out the bottom that you can guarantee that every root has had a drink

- this encourages deep root growth, so plants will survive for longer between watering

- flushing the soil improves your plant's nutrient absorption by removing excess salts and minerals.

PerkyPod provides thorough drainage, which prevents rotting roots and allows soil to dry out between watering sessions.

This prevents stagnant water issues and rotting roots, which drastically reduces the risk of pesky plant pests.

As if all those perks aren't enough, PerkyPod's optional castor wheel system enables you to move your plants around easily.

As watering, lighting and being time-poor are the most common plant concerns, the PerkyPod solution is the ideal partner in your journey to carefree plant parenthood!

How does PerkyPod work?

PerkyPod's unique, patent-pending features will elevate your green thumb status to "brag worthy"

  • Soak your plant thoroughly

  • Excess water is filtered then drains away - no puddles!

  • Excess water flows into removable drawer. Tip out when it suits (or leave for next watering session)

  • Optional, hidden castor wheels for easy manoeuvring - even spin it on the spot!