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Perfect Balcony Plant Solution!

PerkyPod - what a genius idea! I was so happy with my first PerkyPod that I ordered a second one! It's perfect for my balcony. I used to have plants in basic Decor pots on castor dollys. But the castors were ugly and so rusty they were difficult to move, the pots had unsightly calcium stains around the base. PerkyPods have made my balcony a beautiful space and my plants are thriving - now I can water them without fear of puddles. AND the wheels allow me to clean my balcony easily.

Happy home for my plant!

Over the moon on my purchase of the perky pod!!!

My fiddle leaf fig tree was getting so much harder to move & now that I have a new home not only have you made a plant mumma happy but also my plant happy too!!

I have to also say, service was fantastic!!

Matt Hignell
Love my PerkyPod!

Absolutely genius!! I’ve lost dozens of plants over the years that have sat in a puddle of water in their display pot without me realising, with PerkyPod and it’s water reservoir this is a thing of the past, the only issue is trying to choose which plant gets the presidential treatment! 🌿


As a first time plant mum, Perky Pod has taken all the guess work out. I can give my plant a good drench knowing that the drawer will catch all the run off, and the wheels make it so easy to move around and show off all of my plants best angles! I love that the shape and style of the pot suits such a big range of plants too, and I can’t wait to expand my collection!

Looks great and my plant is thriving!

As someone who has had a really bad track record with indoor plants, I wasn't sure PerkyPod was going to be able to help me!
But the unique watering system and the simple instructions had meant even after a few weeks, my plant is not only still alive... it's thriving! The best thing is my 9 year old daughter loves the PerkyPod and had now taken over as chief plant mum!! Thanks PerkyPod!