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  • PerkyPod Plant Pot White
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PerkyPod Plant Pot White

Regular price $269.95 AUD
Wheel system (includes one multi-directional castor plus two rollers installed)

Ensure you add wheels if desired ⬆️

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  • Australian made & owned
  • Lush, thriving plants
  • Foolproof watering system

How does PerkyPod work?

PerkyPod's unique, patent-pending features will elevate your green thumb status to "brag worthy!"

  • Soak your plant thoroughly

  • Excess water is filtered then drains away - no puddles!

  • Excess water flows into removable drawer. Tip out when it suits (or leave for next watering session)

  • Optional, hidden castor wheels for easy manoeuvring - even spin it on the spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have found that the majority of plants enjoy a really good soaking all over the surface area of the soil until water starts seeping out the bottom. You'll hear the water start dripping!

Next, be brave and DON'T water again until the soil goes fairly dry. Start with watering every 7-10 days and test-and-adjust from there. Perhaps up to 14 days in winter. Test dryness by sticking a finger into the top inch of soil or use a moisture sensor. There are many variables: type of plant, how developed the root structure is, external temperature, proximity to breezes and air conditioning, how wet the soil is from the previous watering, etc. However, the more-water-less-often approach is the key to healthy soil and root ecosystems. And less pests!

Plus, you can water your plants without having to move them elsewhere like a sink or lawn, and then wait for them to finish dripping before returning them. Reducing your plant-chores will lighten your mental and physical load… what a Perk!

PerkyPod has a 40cm diameter, is 42cm tall and is lightweight at only 4kg. This size was chosen to strike the perfect balance between being large enough to accomodate plants that most people would not be comfortable lifting, whilst being compact enough to look good in any room of the home, or on a balcony/patio. 

The water drawer has a 1 litre capacity – so you give your plants plenty of water to drink without worrying about overflow! Start with giving your plants no more than 1 litre of water and see how much drains into the drawer. You’ll soon learn what each of your plants needs and how much water to apply each time.

We hope so, one day soon! We have started with this size as our market research indicates that it’s a really popular size for houseplants. Also, it fits a plant that is probably a bit too heavy for you to want to lift and carry around. As the major cost for anything made of plastic is in the tooling (plastic mould) and we are a family-owned start-up business, we only have one size for now. But please send us any suggestions so we know where to take PerkyPod next! Similarly, please send colour requests!

It can do both!

When used indoors, it saves the hassle of water running all over the floors. No more rotting floor boards, mouldy carpet and slippery drips. And, if you’re the type of person (like me) that is too time poor to carry plants outside for watering, PerkyPod saves that time-consuming effort and waiting around while the dripping stops.

Equally, PerkyPod is suited to outdoor use and is made of UV stabilised materials. Imagine saving yourself from water draining all over your patio and balcony, or into your pool! Plus, say goodbye to dirt and limescale stains.

Wait at least 30 minutes for the water to finish draining into the water drawer. If you listen carefully, you may even be able to hear when the drips have stopped! Then you can remove the drawer and turn it upside down so the water tips out of the easy-pour spout – recycle it on other plants (especially handy when you don’t want to waste precious fertilizer) or use it in your garden. Or, you can choose to leave the water in the drawer for the next session too. It’s up to you!

  • PerkyPod large white plant pot drawer removed excess water recycled back onto plant
  • PerkyPod large white plant pot drawer being opened on apartment deck balcony
Meet PerkyPod

Now it's easier than ever to fill your home and outdoor spaces with healthy and happy plants!

Sick of never-ending chores, sad plants and messy leaks? You just want plants to bring joy to your life. It's time to eliminate the burden and guesswork.

PerkyPod's internal drainage and water catchment system is a game-changer.

Our foolproof system drains excess water into a removable catchment drawer which can be tipped out and recycled anytime that suits you. Or leave it there for the next watering session. Your floors (and to-do list) will thank you.

Helping all plants to thrive

PerkyPod is suited to all plants, whether inside your home or outside in your garden, porch or balcony. Use it for ornamental houseplants or edibles such as herbs, fruit and vegetables. You can now grow large plants in places you never thought you'd be able to, and replace all your artificial plants with real ones because PerkyPod avoids the usual problems such as puddles and heavy lifting.

If your plants like to be mobile, add PerkyPod's discrete wheel system. Featuring a patented Omnia Wheel multi-directional castor (Australian-owned and made) with 360° turn mobility, keeping your plants on the go has never been easier. What a perk

Beautify your home and outdoor spaces with PerkyPod

You can trust PerkyPod to bring stylish quality and lush, thriving plants to your home... with less effort than ever.

  • Australian-Made

  • Sustainable

  • Simple

  • Stress-Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Perfectly perky plant!

Honestly, I know it’s a lot of money for a plant pot.

But it’s not JUST a pot.

This pot has taken the mental load off of keeping my fiddly fiddle leaf happy. He’s been in his perky pod for a few months now and is growing like never before. And I literally don’t have to think about him apart from sloshing some water in each week. The MENTAL LOAD is nearly zero. Bliss.

It looks SO good too, fancy like I live in a catalogue. I suggest you pay extra for the hidden wheels, it’s worth it.

Plus you’re supporting an Australian woman veteran owned biz, which is awesome.

Highly recommend taking the punt here. An excellent product.

Ben Jones
The Perkiest Plant Pot Around!

I absolutely love my Perky Pods! They take the mess and manual labour out of watering plants. I don't have to lift the pots to drain the water away, and I can easily move my plants to just about anywhere in the house thanks to the inbuilt castor system! Would definitely buy again!

Love my PerkyPod

I love everything about my PerkyPod!
So easy not having to worry about water running everywhere and my plant is doing exceptionally well.
Love that the pot has wheels and being so light in weight, it is so easy to move to clean and change position.
Looking forward to seeing it in black.
Such a great product, you definitely deserve to end up with a very successful business.

Saving (plant) lives, one pot at a time!

What an awesome innovation by Lou at Perky Pod, taking the guesswork out of keeping your plants alive and healthy. Aussie designed and made, your plants (and wallet) will thank you as you watch them grow and thrive. Our notoriously delicate fiddle leaf fig is flourishing in its new home. Highly recommend!

Saving grace

We love our Perky Pod. Until now every plant I purchased would eventually die but with Perky Pods innovative drainage I no longer need to worry and I can enjoy plants in my home again. Thank you for creating this product.